A Beveraged Past

Growing up, you always had the same solution
and the same suggestion for everything. Tea.
Oh dear, did someone break your doll? Here,
have some tea. Look who can drive a bicycle
all by herself! My god, you’ve grown! Let’s
celebrate with tea! I am so sorry your parents
couldn’t survive the crash my child. There, there
don’t you despair. You still have me. Come in,
I’ve made you some tea. You’ve started to bleed
my dove? Does it hurt? Perhaps some tea will help
you feel better! I saw your uncle get in your room
again last night but I didn’t do anything. Maybe
some tea will help you forget it. Take these pills
regularly… they will… they’ll make everything…
better. Best swallow them down with your tea.
Why do you keep running away!? But we love you
so much! Look, I made your favourite tea for you!
What do you mean you have a boyfriend?! You know
how your uncle feels about those things, don’t you?
Get rid of the guy, please. When you come back, I’ll
bake you some biscuits and make you some tea.
We’ve decided. You’ve got to abort that thing. It’s unholy,
for that thing to be born. Come on, we’ve taught you better.
Drink your tea up, you’ll feel more sensible then. Oh look
how gorgeously you fit in this gown! Your uncle bought it
specially for your prom. Careful not to spill your tea over it.
He won’t like that. My little girl is finally done with school.
I am so proud of you my dove. How about having some tea
to mark the moment! Well, pumpkin, the thing is, the money
your parents left for you.. got used up in taking care of you
and you know, other things. College isn’t an option anymore,
you see. You understand don’t you? Of course you do, my
sweet sweet child. Why don’t I make some tea for us; we
can drink and watch the rains from the porch. I am sitting
on my front porch of my mansion and watching rain pour
over my gardens, while sipping the brisk brew of spicy tea
in the finest china known to man. It rennervates my tongue
that went numb under the weight of my silent screams;
it sizzles down my throat, scorching me like memories of
the past. I drink my tea hot, scalding hot because then
it tastes like the fire I started to burn you and your entire
house down that winter night. I pause graciously after every
sip, only to remember how I comfortably warmed my hands
and my feet, humming a happy tune to myself over the bonfire
of your screams.



[Picture Courtesy: Deviantart]


  1. Wow! That’s a lovely piece of work… I’m so glad it ended on a positive note for the girl. Conspicuously, you have, with the help of a daily entity, put forward such serious issues, and handled them very well. Loved reading the post!


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