Philosopher’s Stone: A Song

There was once a boy named Harry
And one Halloween things got scary
His parents were murdered by the Dark Lord
and Harry was shipped off to be the Dursleys’ ward!

Eleven years of sleeping in a cupboard
Until the moment Petunia dreaded finally occurred
The Vanishing glass and the Letters from No One
Drove Vernon crazy because he was never any fun!

He drove them from place to place like a retard
But Hagrid declared, ‘Harry, yer a wizard!’
And suddenly the poor orphan was now famous and rich
He first met his nemesis while at Malkin’s for a stitch

After a day of unfamiliar adventure, Hagrid left Harry
With an owl, a wand, spellbooks and a ticket to carry
On the way to 9¾, the orphan met his real families
He was finally going home, much to the annoyance of the Dursleys

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts
Moving staircases, alive ghosts and a hat that sorts!
‘Don’t want to be in Slytherin? Then you better be Gryffindor!’
And thus Harry begins the journey he was made for.

The Potions Master is a mean old bat
Harry risks getting expelled for a Remberall combat
Oh yes! He can fly, James’ son is now a Seeker!
A midnight duel is fixed to determine who is weaker

Dear Miss Granger pokes her nose in other people’s business
To horrors of the third floor, three Gryffindors become witness
The severe the rule-breaking, higher will be the reward, or so it seems
Nimbus 2000 drops on Harry’s table when he’s breaking fast on beans

Its Halloween again, and there’s a troll in the dungeons!
He goes to the girl’s toilet and gets knocked down with his own truncheon
So that’s how the ageless Trio of trouble was born
Until they very end, together they lived through all joy and scorn.

Its Quidditch time, and Harry nearly swallows the snitch
For the next match, Snape decides to referee the pitch
Then comes Harry’s best Christmas in years put together
Someone gifted him a cloak, invisible and light as a feather!

The Mirror of Erised befuddles with Harry’s brain box
Dumbledore lies when he says he saw himself holding socks
A chocolate frog brings to them the answers to the questions
Hagrid’s fascination for danger and his rock-cakes gives them indigestion!

Norbert is sent away to Charlie for care-taking
Detention in the Forbidden Forest for rule breaking
The centaurs declare that the will of Destiny cannot be tamed
The plot thickens with the entry of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Through the trapdoor, to thwart Voldemort, the Trio goes
Winning over every other challenge that arose
In the end it’s only Harry and an evilly deformed Quirrell
With Voldemort at the back of his head, he wasn’t jumping like a squirell

In the fight for the Elixir of Life, Quirrell gets burned
Mother’s love was the special weapon and all the tables turned
Voldemort flees for his life, once again into the oblivion, dark and grim
Fred and George send Harry a toilet seat, to entertain him!

With some last-minute points distribution,
Gryffindors are declared winners of the House Cup competition
Harry’s first year at Hogwarts ends with warm and friendly melodies
The boy wizard returns back to the Muggle world with lifetime memories

Source: Philosopher’s Stone

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