The Oldest Story Ever Told – VI

They knew not of their bond, neither did the world
As it watched agape, heinous horrors unfurled;
They, who came to life holding each other
Swung swords with no hint of mercy nor the hesitation of a shudder
She answered every blow of his with double the bang and brattle
He roared with vicious satisfaction on realizing of equals was this battle
Possessed by a fury of eerie divinity, like a madwoman she attacked
Her empathy, her pain, and her loss sharpened her sword in ways his training had lacked
She hacked his arms and sliced his neck without the slightest speck of rue
The crowds ran to her aid, only to watch her consciousness fade;
Strength’s words were coming true.

For weeks Gladrifir relentlessly prayed to the gods of all nine realms to save their Queen; while the Waterman’s Son rancorously rejoiced his apparent victory by being in a state of perpetual inebriation. It wasn’t until rumours about the Old King’s reinstatement to the throne reached his ears that the Waterman’s Son snap into attention again. Of course, his cupbearer explained to him patiently, everyone grieves with the Queen but kingdoms do not function on grief, do they now, especially when she can’t even get out of bed. The Waterman’s Son decided that needed a plan and he needed one quickly or all his efforts would get undone. His and Timir’s efforts, he added to himself in an afterthought much later.

Opportunity presented itself soon enough; dressed as a medicine man from some faraway land the Waterman’s Son knocked the Royal Doors one day. He promised to have the cure to resuscitate the ailing Queen, like many before him. But desperate the Old Queen was and so she promised him whatever he wanted, only if he could revive her dear daughter in law somehow. The Waterman’s son dug his nails inside his palms to stop himself from laughing at the sight of his onetime fiancé begging for his acumen.

Taking as much perverse pleasure of the moment as he could without arousing suspicion, the Waterman’s Son demanded to be left alone in the ailing Queen’s chamber in order to treat her. What no one knew was that he had created her in the first place and hence, it was no gruelling feat for him to snatch her soul from the purgatory and reawaken her. In the excitement of having reached so close to his final act, little did the Waterman’s Son notice that the woman he brought back to life wasn’t anymore the one he had created.

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