The Oldest Story Ever Told – II

After long years of grueling research and experiment, the Waterman’s Son finally succeeded in obtaining his means to achieving the long-awaited revenge. From the sacred fire, two young human bodies – a boy and a girl – stepped out holding each others’ hands. Faceless and mindless, they weren’t any better than human sized plastic dolls but they were capable of recognizing allegiance to their creator. In order to prepare them for the mission he had set for them, the Waterman’s Son invited all The Powers That Be to his creations’ naming ceremony; their blessings were essential for his plan. Fortunately for him, his little experiment had incited interest among The Powers That Be and many of them, if only due to mere curiosity, decided to grace the event.

Wisdom arrived first, with her nephews Cleverness and Intelligence. The Waterman’s Son gave them important-looking seats, because he knew impressing them was a mighty prerequisite for his plan to progress. Compassion came in next, followed by Truth, Violence, Charity and Beauty. Purpose entered the decorated halls in the company of Courage and Devotion. Patience and Impatience began bickering the minute they set eyes on each other. They never realized when Humility and Forgiveness joined their ranks, but no one could possibly ignore the spectacle with which Strength and Vanity made their entry. Curiosity and Humour began to entertain the gathering with their questions and quips. The last ones to appear were Knowledge and Love. With rather toady remarks and obsequious verses the Waterman’s Son welcomed his guests of honour.

Elegantly, he seated himself on a jewelled chair that was taller than that of others, his creations sat on either side of him. After the customary pleasantries were exchanged and a grand feast was laid out. Once his guests had eaten his bread and drank his wine, the Waterman’s Son began to describe at a massive length the story about his creations (comfortably leaving out the dark purpose of their creation). His story of horrifying trials and tribulations seemed to stretch on forever but he never once mentioned the King or his revengeful plotting. To save him from the embarrassment arising out of the fact that his soporific speech was received by more yawns than applause, Love stood by declaring his blessings for the young boy and girl. In his flawlessly smooth voice he said –

‘Near and far, I bless she finds
in love, a freedom from all binds
And for him –‘

The Waterman’s Son coughed loudly enough to make Love hesitate and pause. Once he knew he had the complete attention of everyone in the hall, he began confidently –

‘For my perfect little creations,
I want no foolish tribulations.
To me, their only creator and caretaker, grant this kindness
For I must shield them from betrothing this blindness
Love holds no place of value in their destiny
Excuse my avengers from falling prey to this insanity’

While the hall was filled with an uncomfortable silence, Love smiled swiftly and said he couldn’t undo the words he had already bespoken, but the boy would never be troubled by the exacting frivolities of Love. And then he returned to his seat. Humility stood up next, and broke the silence with her soft speech –

‘I may have not much to offer
My gifts to you shall will no coffer
But –‘

‘Then you might as well rest upon your seat
Why trouble yourself with problems you cannot defeat?’

Though he said it like a mere joke, there was no humour in his cold eyes. A few laughed, but most of them took offense on Humility’s part, their lips pressed together in a thin line. In a similar manner, the Waterman’s Son rejected gifts and blessings from Charity, Curiosity and Humour. By this time the Powers That Be had begun to sense debauchery on the part of the Waterman’s Son. They realized that he had duped them into being oath bound to bless his creations against generous hospitality he bestowed upon them. He hadn’t been honest with them and they in return, decided to pay him back in equal.

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