Black Holes

This is my first guest post from an immensely brilliant poet whose poignant writings have always taken me by positive surprise. Maybe because I’ve known him since grade school and it’s biological to underestimate how truly talented the best of your friends can be; maybe because I always thought being an amazing friend was his only talent. I’m proud of presenting this little tidbit he has so generously allowed me to publish on this little blog.

Anguish. Frustration.
Hope. Ambition.
So much embedded in a single body,
Body which is only mass. 
So many lives lived in mind,
In reality, I didn’t even live mine.
So many expectations,
Of others and of self.
Thinking of the life passing by,
without any memories,
with little hope.
Aware of the opportunities,
Even more of the waste of opportunities.
It’s all foggy in the mind,
Amidst all the fog,
When every vision is faint,
All I ask for is a little sunlight.


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