Duotone Architectures

Deep in the chasms of my shadow I squirreled away my many secrets, neatly wrapped in ribbons

रेशम के फीतों को रहस्य के रसायन में रंग दिया था मैंने

I soaked them in the rains, baked them in the sun and froze them into bricks for winters long

काली ईंटों की गरगज में सिमट कर, फरामोशी का तख्त बनाया था मैंने

I would hide in plain sight; maliciously relishing how my shadow enlarged in brighter light

लेकिन एक सपने से मुख्तसर मुलाकात, जिंदगी भर की मुसाफिरी बन गयी

And then my walls dampened in the rains, melted in the sun and cracked into pieces one winter

मेरे जलते लहू में बहती स्याही ही मुझ से काफीरी कर गयी।


[More about this, on https://www.facebook.com/thescrawlyst/]


  1. I see 3 poems, complete in themselves. My favorite of these 3, is the one in English. But then, I can read English easily, so that is not fair. My favorite poem is the English half of it, but my favorite line is second to last Hindi line. You’re talented!


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