I drew zigs and zags
Across the sky
And stars, ours,
got connected

You skipped stones
From the river bank.
Each ripple was
a whirlpool
And we were sinking
without a hook.
Down, we drowned;
Beyond smell and sound.
You strung me
a garland of pearls
I made you a
seaweed lunch.

I blew soap bubbles
in the summer air.
Sunlight bounced
off their slippery skin,
rainbows sparkled.
I saw you and me
In those colours.
You, buttering the bread
Me, watering the rose bed
You, deepening the thrust
One last time
Me, breaking down with your
Name on my lips
You, waving your hands
running to the bus
Me, saving you a seat
with a book in my hands.

In the blizzard
these bubbles burst into
Million soapy droplets.
You hold me hand when
it showers.
And these rainbow dreams
seep into our skins,
and marrow.
Half in yours, half in mine.
We’re only complete
when our lips meet.

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