Do you also?

Do you also

Brush your nightmares

Off your eyes

Stretch them out

Once, then thrice?

Do they

Get tangled in your hair

And sit on your head,

Their perverse lair?

And from there, do they

Send down their troops

That settle in the dark

Crevices between your

Nerves, waiting,

Waiting patiently

For their chance to strike,

Annex and consume you?

Do you also try

To scrape them off your

Gums and teeth
with the hurried strokes
of the toothbrush?

Do you also hope

To freeze them to death

By splashing your face

Repeatedly, with a toxic soap
and ice cold water?

And when you look up

And into the mirror

Do you see them too

Smiling in the back

Of your eyes,

Haunting the tunnels

Of your brain

Lazily ravaging your day,

Vandalizing your memories

And hijacking your aims?

[Featured Picture Courtesy: Tumblr]


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