Go Rest High On That Mountain

For the Half Blood Prince
For the Silver Doe
For an actor magnificent in 394 ways
For the bravest man I know

Rest In Peace, Rickman.

Hogwarts is Home

For The Fallen For The Fallen

To those, who stood through the fire
To them, who passed through the veil
To those, who faced His blazing ire
To them, who sunk to let the boat sail

Go rest high on that mountain
You’ll be remembered by those you loved
For every breath you surrendered for good
For every tear that you bravely shoved

Go rest high on that mountain
You’ll live on, in our hearts and names
For our eyes will shine with your gallant songs
For our souls will hold your radiant flames

In the light of your magic, we strengthen our bonds
To your kindness, to your wisdom, to your bravery
We raise our wands.


Life is a war, quite like the War of Hogwarts,
losses and despair, sorrow and destruction,
but it is sure that dawn will shine
through the rubble and dissolve the dark night,
supposedly immortal, into…

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