The Need To Read

The Scrawlyst

Reading is something I am incontrovertibly good at. Regrettably, where I come from this doesn’t amount for much. The pursuit of prosperity trumps that of ‘happyness’ in most vocational choices; and I do concede to the fact that reading is not the most affluent of occupations and it may never be. People often ask me what drives me to read books thicker than my thigh, what urges betroth my sensibilities when I devote time to books without pictures, what variety of recreation is achieved from losing sleep fathoming the minds and lives of people who aren’t even real… So obviously, readers don’t read for economic benefit or the grand approbation the enterprise derives from the general public. Perhaps then, reading truly is a glorified rephrasing of passing idle time; however just because the aforementioned conclusion is extremely undemanding, I would like to propose the quest for deeper investigation and venture…

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