I stitched myself a smile.

Look ma. I stitched myself a smile.

Look ma, how painstakingly perfect my stitches are now

I’ve practiced day and night, for you ma.

Because you wanted me to.

How do I look now ma?

Do I look normal enough for the society to like me?

If they like me ma, will you like me to?

You are big people ma

With big reputations to live up to.

I am small people ma.

Will I ever be nice enough for you?

There will be a day, won’t there be ma

When I will have turned myself

Into an exact replica of you –

Talking like you,

Walking like you,

Living like you.

You’ll be proud of me then, won’t you ma?

Look, I stitched a smile for my face ma.

It wasn’t easy at all.

I cried a little when I sewed my lips into one smooth smiling curve.

But it was all worth it, wasn’t it?

Because you like me now, don’t you ma?

Do you like me now ma?


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