To All Those Wise Souls Who Have Disowned ‘Okay’ In The Favour Of ‘K’,

i hope you dream of me tonight
hitting you with a hammer
every time you k me
and cracks will appear on your skull
like breaks in a tectonic plate
it’ll sound like a crispy potato wafers breaking
and then there’ll be silence
a heavy moment pregnant with suspense
not a moment, just a few seconds – two, three maybe
the blood will begin pouring out
it’ll start slowly
very softly
and suddenly, all bloody hell will break loose
vessels breaking free
and hollering their way out of your dull cranium
you’ll feel this
all of this
you’ll feel the hair rising at the back of your neck
as warm blood trickles down to gravity
you’ll register the horror
when your skull becomes undone and hot steely blood capes your shoulders and arms
only after you’ve fully grasped this reality
you’ll begin to lose consciousness
but slowly
very very slowly
sleep will wait before granting you mercy
sleep will wait for the entire situation to get etched under your skin
your shadow will contain this memory forever
and you’ll always remember the sound
of your cranium cracking
(you’re welcome)
Fuck You,

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