The New Fad

“Go follow your dreams” is the new fad. It’s what most of us have been getting as advice from our seniors and peers. “Be true to yourself!”; “Make your own destiny”; “Do what your heart says”; and oh boy, does the heart say a lot. Today’s generation, broadly speaking, is asked to dream, to aim high and then some.

In fact, the world demands us to have a passion, a streak of unbridled creativity hidden beneath layers of formal humdrum. It’s not okay to be ordinary anymore, because hey, anyone can do that. While our previous generation struggled so hard to fit in, today’s people will do anything to stand out. Some of us succeed; some of us suffocate under the inescapable tag of ‘wannabes’. Come to think of it, the categories we divide people in or get divided into haven’t changed at all; it is only the measuring scale that has changed. We like to believe we are the forerunners of a global community that is much more liberal and adventurous. We take pride in our supposedly noninterventionist humanitarian views, and while I don’t mean to undermine this quality by any means, it does strike me majestically ironical how all our attempts to achieve inclusion are only resulting in further exclusion; perhaps because we are expected and determined to be inclusive and exclusive at the same time. We want to unite in defiance to all boundaries that separate us from one another, while simultaneously desiring to be exclusive in a one-in-a-million way.

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