Cats and Abortions

‘You really thought I wouldn’t find out, didn’t you?’

(Boy, did she sound hysterical. But how did she know already?
Did I leave the tester in the bathroom?)

‘….. Mom. Listen. I was going to tell you everything but..’

‘When exactly were you going to tell me everything uh?!’

‘Mom, plea-‘

‘How could you be so careless Rita!? Where did it happen? Home? School?’

(She really wants to talk about it?)

‘Um. I don’t know. It could’ve been at Drew’s place too.’

‘THIS. IS. WHY. I. DON’T. TRUST. TEENAGERS. WITH. RESPONSIBILITY. How are you going to explain this to your teachers?’

‘I hadn’t really thought about all that.’

(Wow. She’s playing it super cool)

‘So mom… what should we do about it now?’

‘It’s your call. I thought you were meeting Drew for a science project, but I’m afraid this is too much science for 16 year olds. Maybe I should talk to his mother…’

‘Yeah, mom, please don’t be mad at us.’

‘Mad? Why would I be mad about it? This is your responsibility, young lady.’

‘Really? You mean it? So I shouldn’t drop it?’

(This doesn’t feel like mom at all!!)

‘Drop it? No way! You made all this happen. Well, you and Nature. You can’t just drop commitments this way now.’

‘………. so, we’re going to have a baby in the house…………?’

‘Baby? I’m hoping for babies!’

Rita laughed nervously, told her mother that she loved her and hung up, happily making her way out of the abortion clinic. She was already thinking about baby names.

Sarah smiled to herself, feeling victorious after having a successful conversation with her daughter about responsibility and commitment. Then she turned her attention to a visibly pregnant cat, Rita’s science project pet for the month. She was already thinking about baby names. 

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