Dreams Calling

Remember when you were 5 and you wanted to be an astronaut when you grew up? Well, if you don’t, one of your neighbours sure does. And then a few weeks later, you wanted to be a doctor when you grew up, a “sar-jun” perhaps or maybe a “cal-dyo-lojist”. One day, you wanted to be Miss World when you grew up and the other you thought ballet was your calling. You made plans, day in day out, about the things you’d do when you grew up; or like me, you put things off for a time when you were “grown up”. You planned to fix the system, eradicate poverty, discover the cure to common COLD, and change the world when you grew up. You fell in profoundly irrevocable love and you vowed to yourself to marry him when you grew up. For every time you failed, you consoled yourself believing that you’d get better at it by the time you’ve grown up. When puberty gifted you with half a dozen weird hair on your chin, you assured yourself that by the time you’ve grown up you’ll have managed to get an impressive beard. You dreamed of independence, and anticipated responsibility and accountability while trudging or leaping through the last few years of teenage bearing the burden of uncountable bucket lists on your shoulders.

Somewhere between waiting impatiently to grow old enough to watch mature movies, and waiting for your turn at a job interview wishing you were still a simple child – you turned 19. One morning you woke up and you couldn’t deny reality anymore.

You had grown up.

All your myriad dreams knocked the walls of your mind, like hundreds of alarm clocks reminding you that this was the age you had been waiting for. You had grown up. You were of that magical age, with the license to swim in the ocean of constructive possibilities and dive deep in, to make true the dream you have dreamt all your life.

Overwhelming waves of possibility drenched all your fears and insecurities. Staying out of the game was not an option anymore. No matter how firmly you dug your feet in the sand, the receding waves would keep pulling you forward.

You were of age.

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