Thinking Prompts

Anesthetic bullets!
They won’t kill anyone but just numb them enough to make their bodies go limp, so that arrests can be made peacefully and bloodlessly. Howzat?


Why do we see less stars every passing year?
Because less people are dying every year?
Because there distance from the earth is increasing?
Which means the Earth is breaking away from its orbit? Which means we might crash with some other planet or space body?
Or the Earth might just be promoted and transferred to a better galaxy, a better solar system? What if the Sun there, is blue in colour? And what if the environment is creatively engineered to encourage the existence and evolution of insects only. Mainly cockroaches. Maybe cockroaches are the real hero of this story, and humans are just the recorders.


What if our Shadow had a secret life of its own? What if it isn’t just an impression of us, caused in the sunlight? What if our shadow is some sort of an alien spy that gets attached to us the minute we are born?
Or what if our shadow is some sort of a super-species protector?
What if the shadow is really a personification of our conscience,
which is only visible in the light?


What if red ants are really Cupid’s creatures? Maybe their bite is called the ‘bite of love’. They infect the people with infatuation and are responsible for human bonding and brotherhood.what if their stingy bite is the price we pay for falling in love?


In a certain type of voodoo, they control people through wax dolls. What if Madame Tussaud’s is a collection of voodoo wax dolls of the world’s most famous celebrity? What is Madame Tussad is using these wax dolls to control all these powerful and influential people?


Maybe the climate crisis can be solved by injecting chlorophyll to human blood and creating a species which is half human-half tree. Obviously, the simpler version of the solution would be to plant more trees or produce less humans but since neither of them is happening any time soon, why not just mix the two?


50 years down the line, the most desirable superpower won’t be invisibility or flight; perhaps it’ll be the power to rule over the internet. The Internet Man/Woman. Or perhaps, keeping in mind the pace at which we are heading towards self-destruction as a species, the next superheroes will be the ones who can control famine, global warming, floods, and nuclear explosions.


(Featured Image Courtesy: Warli Art Revival, Indian Culture & Art in USA, a Blog)

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