Lunar Whim

Waves are the vehicles of errant emotion
The world is a sea, but my mind’s an ocean

Delinquent, they attack me when I’m unguarded
Flowing in and out at lunar whim,
They leave my heart somewhat retarded.

During the day, I manage to find my way
through tons of stray; (through tons of stray).
Then the night takes over, the moon gets closer
It’s hard to keep sober; (it’s hard to keep sober).

A diffident maiden, she turns her face more each night
An effusive tide of undiluted attraction gathers height;
Breaking through spatial barriers, it splashes white
And the water wets her orb-ish figure in delight
Taken aback, she turns again and vanishes in the quiet.

Like a meteor headed towards the surface of Earth
My unrequited love, returns with helpless dearth.
The returning tide has lost its hard hoarse and coarse
My emotions crash into me, again, but with doubled force.
Yet, on the same song of the sea, every time I dance differently
In hopes of greeting my lover, like the river greets the sea.
(Featured Picture Courtesy: Pinterest)

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