I Am Woman

I am not
A tenant in your family
That owes you rent for
being an added responsibility.

I am not
A bundle of vain charm
That needs to be dominated
and protected from worldly harm.

I am not
A child bearing machine
That keeps you well fed
And your house clean.

I am not
An ignorant slave of your desire
That lives to obey and serve
And ends up jumping in your pyre.

It is I
That made you a human
Feel my love; fear my roar
I am woman.

(Thanks to http://funfix.ru/post/38437/ for the featured image)

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  1. I am reminded of Mary Angelou’s Poem, Phenomenal Woman which I taught in grade 12. Your poem has so many resemblances with it. I am filled with admiration for bringing out the woman in you. Anand Bose from Kera

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